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An industry voice advocating that 3dsMax is being used to create best-in-class quality work in ALL areas of CG and VFX


  1. To Create a vibrant community of like-minded 3ds Max professionals.
  2. To Inspire artistic 3ds Max-centric creativity.
  3. To Communicate 3ds Max’s diverse specific capabilities with a focus on the entertainment industry.
  4. To Enable 3ds Max artists with specific skills and techniques that will make them valuable to entertainment and design viz markets.

Content Categories​

Max news and content from the web, interviews, tutorials, max features, spotlight on max user / max company, editorial/feuilleton. Formats​ Audience generated written online articles, skype video interviews, audience generated tutorial videos/how-to’s/tips and tricks, polished video interviews.

Target Group

  • Professional cg artists 
    • Why? They already know 3dsmax but may not know what else it is capable of 
  • Decision makers from the industry 
    • Why? To be an additional respected resource for making more informed decisions about using 3dsMax in their pipeline 
  • 3dsmax fanboys (and girls!) 
    • Why? To inspire. To recruit their voice for our efforts, to invite them to share knowledge. 
  • 3D Students 
    • Why? Demonstrate to students how 3dsmax is used in the industry and enable them to make an informed decision on which software to learn.


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positive, encouraging, confident, down to earth

 Who we are

A group of enthusiastic 3ds Max users and industry veterans.